Police investigating suspicious death on Park Avenue

Posted at: 04/05/2013 11:19 AM
Updated at: 04/05/2013 9:36 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Crime tape set up in the trendy Park Avenue neighborhood.  A woman in her 30's found dead inside a house. Neighbors wants answers about what happened.

Rochester Police are not releasing the victim's name or many details about the investigation. Police say she was 34-years-old and her death is being called suspicious.

While police say there is no need to worry, neighbors say this is so shocking for this area and they were caught off guard.

Ali Blades, neighbor, said, “It's just a very safe, quiet neighborhood. Everybody knows everybody by name, they say hi. Nothing happens, it's a very low crime area that's for sure.”

Police say they got a call around 7:30a.m. Friday, they won't say who called 911, but when they got to the home on Park Avenue they found a 34-year-old woman dead inside. They are calling it a suspicious death, but won't go into detail about how she died.

Neighbors say they aren't sure who the woman is, but are still concerned about what circumstances surrounding the death.

Donna Anderson said, “It's kind of disconcerting because I didn't even have a clue until somebody said there's a whole bunch of police out there and I looked and went 'oh yes ,there are.'”

Again, police say there is no need for the community to worry. Right now, investigators are trying to talk to friends, and people who knew the woman to get more information for the investigation.