Parents sue Batavia CSD for gender discrimination

Posted at: 04/11/2013 3:40 AM

The Batavia City School district is facing a lawsuit from three parents on gender discrimination in sports.

The lawsuit was filed by James Myers, Susan Myers and Maria Walsh on behalf of their daughters, who play softball for Batavia High School.

The lawsuit alleges the district discriminates "against the girls' softball players by providing superior facilities and equipment to the boys' baseball program than it provides to the girls' softball program."

The parents claim the boys get to play their games at Dwyer Stadium, which is a minor league baseball stadium, while the girls' softball team must play on a field at the high school.  The parents say the field where the girls play is filled with gravel and is unsafe.

The district released a statement that states the district is working on a proposal for residents to vote on to improve the field where the girls' softball team plays.

A statement posted on the district's website says, in part,"The hosting of boys’ varsity baseball games at Dwyer Stadium is a unique opportunity that has been offered to the District since the 1970s, and provides the District with the chance to use a facility superior to its own boys’ baseball facilities. Unfortunately, however, Dwyer Stadium cannot be configured to permit softball to be played there as well, because of the difference in field dimensions between the two sports."

The statement also says that an improvement campaign for the softball facilities was scheduled for release in May 2013.

To read the full statement from the Batavia CSD, click here.

Courtesy WGRZ