Flight from Boston arrives in Rochester Tuesday morning

Posted at: 04/16/2013 12:14 PM
By: Nikki Rudd

News10NBC was at the Greater Rochester International Airport Tuesday morning to speak with people who were arriving from Boston.

Nikki Rudd spoke with a Rochester man whose wife was in Boston at the marathon with their five-month-old baby. She was there to cheer on a friend. Luckily, she left the finish line area about 10 minutes before the bombs went off.

The family was reunited but had to take off right after the U.S. Airways flight from Boston landed at the Rochester airport around 10 a.m.

News10NBC was able to talk on camera with some young people from Boston who are in town on business. One of them was at the finish line to cheer on his brother. That was about 45 minutes before the bombs went off but then they started getting texts and when they checked Twitter, they couldn't believe it.

Michael Primas said, “It still hasn't really set in yet. I go there every year. I sit in the same spot every year. We have pictures, we have pictures of them crossing the finish line and you see our flag poles in our picture. You see those flag poles an hour later all over the place.”

Liz Blaylock said, “I feel like there's a cloud on Boston right now. I’m just hoping that people can stand together and we're just hoping that every person that gets announced, they're not people that we know.”

They both say the area in Boston is basically on lockdown.

There were several other runners that came in on the Boston flight Tuesday morning but none of them wanted to talk on camera.