Scholar Athlete of the Week 4/16: Chauncey Scissum

Posted at: 04/16/2013 5:44 PM
Updated at: 09/21/2013 11:49 AM
By: Robin De Wind

Rush-Henrietta senior Chauncey Scissum credits his mom and dad for his good work ethic.

Chauncey Scissum, Rush Henrietta Scholar Athlete, said, “At a young age, you get your education, that's what will carry you. My mom being an educator had the upper hand to know I needed to do what I needed to do in the classroom.”

Scissum enjoys science, social studies and hopes to pursue a career in sports medicine. Chauncey received a full scholarship to play football at Syracuse University.

Scissum said, “A lot of kids say you're signing your life away, but I look at it as an opportunity. SU is a prestigious school and I feel my future is very bright.”

Chauncey's high school football career is filled with accomplishments and awards, but it doesn't end there. He is also a Section V triple jump champion and standout lacrosse player.

Scissum said, “I'm competitive even though its not my main sport track and lacrosse as well.”

He is captain for football and track and says sports has been just another way for him to succeed.

Scissum said, “It instills a lot of things winning hating to lose and dealing with adversity in your life.”

Despite his busy schedule, Chauncey also works weekends. He says he's ready for college and ready to embrace his next chapter.

Scissum said, “I'm excited to get up there. I saw what I was getting myself into. I'm more excited than anything.”