UR employee's family caught in the middle of Boston Marathon explosions

Posted at: 04/16/2013 5:58 PM
Updated at: 04/16/2013 8:07 PM

News10NBC is continue to hear from local runners who were in Boston when the explosions occurred. About 80 people from the area took part in the marathon.
Nora Dimmock of Rochester arrived home from Boston early Tuesday morning, happy that she and her entire family made it home safely.

Nora was running her 12th straight Boston Marathon. Her family was there to root her on. Nora was recovering from a stomach bug and was behind in her usual pace. When the explosions occurred, Nora was still about two kilometers from the finish line. But her husband and children were right there, waiting for her. She says they were standing directly between the spots  where the blasts occurred.

After the explosions, Nora and other runners still on the course were stopped and diverted by police. She says for the longest time, she was unable to contact her husband and children because cell service was cut off.

She says it was a chaotic scene and left her and many runners worrying about the well-being of their families.

Dimmock: "I was terrified, just terrified. I knew exactly where they were and so when I heard that that happened, I was just really afraid for them."

Nora says she will continue to run marathons, but will definitely be more aware of her surroundings.