Penfield couple: "It is a miracle we survived the Boston Marathon explosion."

Posted at: 04/16/2013 10:11 PM
Updated at: 04/16/2013 11:30 PM
By: Lynete Adams

The family of a Penfield couple says it is nothing short of a miracle the two of them survived the explosion.

Mark Clementi was running in the Boston Marathon and was possibly only 50 feet away from the second explosion. Julie Clementi was watching on the sidelines.

News10NBC talked with Mark and Julie Clementi just before they met up with extended family for a Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday night. Mark estimates he was only 50 feet away from the second explosion. So while the Clementi's are still trying to sort through the events of Monday, they are counting their blessings.

Mark Clementi said, “You go from having a runner's mentality, 'Okay, I'm going to finish the race' to 'I'm in trouble', now you're in survival mode.”

Penfield resident Mark Clementi says he was about 100 feet from the Boston Marathon finish line when he saw the first explosion. He thought it was a part of the celebration, so he kept running. Then he was rocked by the second explosion. At this point, Clementi knew it was trouble. He stopped, quickly searched for his wife, Julie. When he couldn't find her, he ran back to the hotel.

Mark Clementi said, “I talked to the receptionist, I'm like, 'Is my wife here? Can you give me a key?' She says, 'Let's call up there and see.' They knew how upset I was. They called up there and there was no answer and half hour had gone by, it was so unnerving.”

Clementi had just run by Julie Clementi during the race, but in the middle of the chaos, she was certain they wouldn't survive to get home to their small children.

Julie Clementi said, “I called my mom and said, 'tell the babies I love them, let them know that we love them'. I just wanted, whatever happened, them to know that their parents, were happy and proud.”

Clementi was able to reach his mother and learned Julie was okay. He was also able to confirm all of his Earthlink colleagues and team members were okay. But it was a sad and sleepless night.

Tuesday afternoon, as the family sat close, it had a different meaning.

Julie Clementi said, “There's no reason why he shouldn't have gotten hurt other than some.

Mark ran in the marathon as part of a team of from Earthlink here in Rochester. He says he will get beyond this in time and perhaps run The Boston Marathon again.