Church community comes together to help Webster family injured in Boston bombings

Posted at: 04/19/2013 4:45 PM
Updated at: 04/19/2013 5:31 PM
By: Ray Levato

A lot of people in our community are keeping a Webster family in their thoughts.

The DiMartino family was near the finish line when the bombs went off. Thirty-one-year-old Gina and her 28-year-old brother, Peter, were seriously hurt. She is still recovering at a Boston Hospital.

The family was very involved with their church in Rochester. The church is bringing a very special delivery to Boston.

The DiMartino family is a member of Northridge Church. Gina is a member of the church music group that performs Sunday services.

Cards, letters and lots of love. They've been coming in all week and the DiMartino family will have them Saturday. The church pastor says Gina underwent a third surgery Friday.

The DiMartino family is a member of Northridge Church. She's a member of the church music group that performs at Sunday services.

Gina was waiting at the finish line with her father, and brother and sister and other relatives to cheer for their mother to finish the race when one bomb went off.  Gina and her brother Peter suffered leg injuries. Both required surgery.  The mother, Mona DiMartino, who qualified for the Boston marathon by running in the Rochester marathon, was not injured.
Karen Mapes, Office Manager, said, “It's been exciting over the last three days to see people come by and drop off gifts, a whole basket of cards and letters.”

Karen Mapes is the church's office manager and has been collecting all the gifts and cards that have been pouring in from church members and others.

Mapes said, “Whether they are friends of Gina or her parents. Just wanting in a small way to let them know that they care about them, and their prayers are with them.”

And while News10NBC was there, Karen's mother dropped off a card for the DiMartino family.

Dave Boehm, Associate Pastor of Northridge Church, said, “We really believe that we are to love each other deeply.”

Dave Boehm is  Associate Pastor of Northridge Church.

Pastor Boehm said, “It's a verse in 1st Peter that we're actually learning in our Sunday messages. And we are trying to show the love of Christ to a family that we care very much about.”

Pastor Boehm and others will drive the church van to Boston Saturday with the cards and gifts for the DiMartino family.  A place he and they know well.

Pastor Boehm said, “My Red Sox hat? I'm wearing that most days now because Dave and his family are big Red Sox fans. They were at Fenway Park the day before the marathon. Dave and I have watched many Red Sox games together. So he's not only a part of our church, they are dear friends of mine. We love them very much and we hope to encourage them in any way that we can."

The DiMartino family had expected to be home before now. And as the bills mount up for the family, many of those cards headed their way Saturday include gift cards.The pastor also says people have been making financial donations as well.

If you would like to help the DiMartino family, there are several benefits being hosted at Macgregor's bar where Peter DiMartino is a bartender. There is an online fundraiser on the website, Indiegogo.

There will be fundraising events at Macgregor's bar on Wednesday May 1 at the Henrietta Macgregor's on Jefferson Road, Thursday May 2 at Penfield Macgregor's on Empire Blvd. and Friday May 3 at the Macgregor's on East and Alexander. The fundraisers all begin at 5:00p.m.