Rochester native watches shootout from his house

Posted at: 04/19/2013 9:30 PM
Updated at: 04/20/2013 1:35 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

One Rochester area native and his roommates watched the shootout happen right in their front yard.

Jeff Brayer is 25-year-old. He grew up in Irondequoit and went to Boston for college. He, basically, has been there ever since. Brayer says he never expected to be woken up in the middle of the night to a fire fight, but that is exactly what happened Thursday night.

Jeff Brayer said, “I was woken up something, a lit bit after 12:30p.m. to pop, pop, pop.”

Brayer says he realized quickly the sound wasn't firecrackers, but gunshots.

Brayer said, “This isn't something little this was bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.  I've never really experienced gun fire like that.”

Brayer says he and his roommates quickly realized the two men they saw shooting at police were the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Brayer said, “They had came in two different cars. A big SUV and a Honda Accord, or Civic, I'm not really sure what it was, but they came and they were parked right in front of our house, using the SUV for cover.”

Brayer said, “There was direct shooting happening from behind the cover of the car, while the other suspect was grabbing what appeared to be small explosives from a backpack and throwing them down the street.”

Brayer sent us a picture his roommate tweeted of the suspects shooting at police. He says the bright light is a flash from the muzzle of a gun. He says the shootout lasted about three minutes and dozens of rounds were fired, then everything went silent.

Brayer said, “And at that point, they had the suspect three doors down, pinned to the ground maybe five or six officers around him. For the next few hours, pretty much until day break, they had the bomb squad, robots, two different ones, searching through the car pulling out different materials, not exactly sure what.”

Later, Brayer says he and his roommates were still processing everything that happened when they realized how lucky they are to be safe.

Brayer said, “We realized the gun, or a bullet rather had pierced through the wall of my roommate's bedroom. It went right through his calendar, desk chair and the slug landing right at the foot of his bed.”

Brayer also said they heard several explosions, two small ones, then a large one which shook their house and actually blew out the windows of their car.