Brighton native reacts to Watertown manhunt

Posted at: 04/20/2013 7:11 PM
Updated at: 04/20/2013 11:14 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

As many of us were glued to the television screen Friday night watching the events unfold in Watertown, Massachusetts, there were people living there, watching it happen right outside their door. Some of them are originally from our area.

News10NBC spoke to a Brighton woman Friday night after the dramatic manhunt came to an end.

Many residents in Watertown were happy when police announced the city was no longer on lockdown after being stuck inside their homes throughout the day.

But then hours later, the sound of gunshots rang out in that neighborhood and many residents were quickly reminded the manhunt was not over.

One of those residents grew up right here in Brighton. Betsy Gartrell Zeller says everyone was on edge when they heard those shots. She lives about a half a mile away from the scene.

She says many of her neighbors grabbed their guns. They jumped in their cars. She heard the sound of cars screeching in the distance.

Zeller describes it as a pretty terrifying three hours. She says the community was pretty much holding their breath the whole time.

When Zeller finally got word the second suspect was in police custody, Zeller wasn't sure what to believe.

“When you're hearing on one hand that it's okay and then moments later you can hear the gunshots in your neighborhood, you start to doubt that trust you put in them. That was sort of the most unsettling part.  It started to feel like we were watching some kind of twisted movie that we were a part of and we were sort of like you do at the movies, cheering on the protagonist. We just wanted them to catch the guy already. I am relived though that we can sleep with some peace of mind tonight,” said Zeller.

As the streets of Watertown are returning to some normalcy on Saturday, News10NBC is told investigators are still combing through the street where the suspect was found hiding in that boat.