Wegmans to carry yogurts made by Alpina Foods

Posted at: 04/23/2013 10:45 AM

Artisan dairy manufacturer, Alpina Foods, announced Tuesday that its Alpina Revive Greek Yogurt will now be available at Wegmans.

“We’re excited to continue to expand the availability of our products with retailers like Wegmans, who truly appreciate providing the best to their customers,” said Alpina Foods’ General Manager, Gustavo Badino. “The recent opening of our latest yogurt facility in Upstate New York has enabled us to greatly expand the availability of our yogurt and we’re thrilled to share our locally produced products with the region that has nurtured and supported our growth.”

Alpina Revive is an authentically strained, all-natural and non-fat Greek yogurt that packs 14 grams of protein in every cup and each variety is paired with a blend of gluten-free granola.