FedEx let customers pick delivery time for a fee

Posted at: 04/24/2013 6:56 AM
By: Associated Press

FedEx will let recipients leave detailed instructions for their driver or reschedule a delivery to their home.
FedEx Corp. said Tuesday it will charge $5 to reschedule the delivery day or location and $10 to request a 2-hour delivery window.
Other services are free, including putting a 14-day vacation hold on deliveries or making a request such as "Please leave the package at the back door."
Raj Subramaniam, a marketing executive for the company, said FedEx Delivery Manager was inspired by the boom in online shopping.
Customers can sign up - that's free - on the FedEx website to be notified of pending deliveries by email, text or phone without a tracking number or FedEx account.