RBTL issues alert again about secondary ticket websites

Posted at: 04/26/2013 4:44 PM
Updated at: 04/26/2013 11:32 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Are you planning on going to see a show at the Auditorium Theatre soon? The Rochester Broadway Theatre League says be careful when you buy your tickets. It says there are dangers in getting them from unofficial outlets.

News10NBC first told you about this last month, but the RBTL says the problem is continuing.

If you are to Google "Rochester theatre tickets", you may find sites that look like they're connected to the RBTL, but they're not. And you could end up paying hundreds of dollars more than you need to.

On the unofficial sites, people are paying literally hundreds of dollars more than the actual price of the ticket. The RBTL says this is easy to avoid and that is why they are educating their customers on this on going problem.

This year, the RBTL has brought some top acts to the stage at the Auditorium Theatre. Shows like The Book of Mormon, Wicked, and next month, Les Miserables.  And with these big numbers, they have a big warning.

Arnie Rothschild,  Acting CEO of RBTL, said, “Because of the quality of the shows that RBTL brings, to the market scalpers, or secondary ticket sellers are aggressively trying to acquire, online, tickets to our shows and resell them at absorbent prices.”

If you were to go online to www.rbtl.org and get a ticket for Les Mis, a ticket would go for about $93. The same ticket on rochestertheatre.org would cost you $353.

RBTL says the site tries to look like it's a part of them, even putting a picture of the Auditorium Theatre on the front page, but it says its not connected.

Rothschild said, “And we don't want that confusion. We had people walk in the lobby during Book of Mormon and said well, if this ticket was $79, why did I pay $350 for it? We just don't want that to happen and we want to forewarn people.”

RBTL says only buy tickets from Ticketmaster or RBTL. Do not buy tickets that aren't on sale yet through the RBTL. And if you do get ripped off, make sure you report it to the RBTL.