Penfield dad pitches 100 innings for Boston

Posted at: 04/28/2013 7:34 PM

Penfield Little League officially opened the season on Saturday, but it's what they're doing on Sunday that caught our attention.

Steve Pace and his son Peyton were affected by the tragedy in Boston and they wanted to do something to help.

So on Sunday Steve pitched a 100 inning game to raise money for the victims.

Pace says he notified hundreds of kids and their families, asking them to spare some time to play in the game and show the importance of standing up to the attacks in Boston and making a difference.

The response from the community was great.

"Whether is was the first kids that showed up at eight where we played a smaller game and we played a different type of baseball, or now we have kids waiting to hit and take the field and things like that, the community outreach has been great. Opening day yesterday, we put out a couple buckets and we filled them with some good donations,” said Steve Pace.

The money raised will go directly to the "The One Fund" in Boston.