Day one of Spider-Man filming wraps up

Posted at: 04/30/2013 8:19 PM
By: Don Hudson

This is only the kind of stuff you'll see in the movies, unless you were on Main Street in downtown Rochester Tuesday.

Hollywood came to town with a bang. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 started its ten day shoot in downtown Rochester. The film production crew spent most of the day rehearsing and getting ready for the first big crash scene, which was staged along Main Street.

A lot of people who worked downtown wanted to see how things developed Tuesday. If you work on this part of Main Street, it would have been easy to spend the day staring the window, instead of working.

NYPD cars were used along with yellow cabs and a tow truck. More than 200 extras will be used in this scene that will be shot over 10 days, all for something that might last a minute on the big screen.