How accessible is the Plan B pill for young teens in Rochester?

Posted at: 05/01/2013 5:58 PM
Updated at: 05/01/2013 6:07 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

It's something every parent should be aware of. Right now, The Food and Drug Administration says girls as young as 15-years-old can now buy an emergency contraceptive pill or Morning After pill without their parents permission.

The pill is called Plan B-One Step. News10NBC checked in with local pharmacies and found it's not as accessible as a bottle of Tylenol.

This is different from the New York State ruling. That involved a different Morning After pill available to girls as young as 12-years-old. That ruling is still in place. The FDA ruling means the Plan B-1 Step pill will be available on store shelves for girls as young as 15-years-old.

News10NBC visited a number of pharmacies. CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Saratoga Pharmacy all have the FDA approved pill for sale. But for right now, they will not sell to anyone under the age of 18-years-old.

The only place girls 15-years-old and up can get the pill right now is Planned Parenthood and to do that, they must speak to nurse. News10NBC wanted to know how the FDA plans to enforce the 15 and up age limit. They say teens will have to show proof of age. In New York State, that means they'll have to show something like a birth certificate or a passport. The drug maker will also add a security tag to the packaging to prevent theft.

So why aren't the stores News10NBC talked to following the FDA's new age requirement yet? A FDA spokesperson said that even though they have approved this drug for a certain age range, it is not mandatory for pharmacies to change their restrictions yet. They say they are giving the company who manufactures this drug-time to educate people about the product's new status.

A spokesperson for the company who makes this drug said they plan to have the pill with the updated packaging, available within the next few months.