Elvio Fernandes, who is on tour with Daughtry, stops by News10NBC

Posted at: 05/03/2013 8:13 AM

Tickets go on sale Friday afternoon for the Daughtry and Three Doors Down concert at CMAC in July. This morning, Rochester’s own Elvio Fernandes – who is touring with Chris Daughtry – stopped by the studio.

Fernandes is the lead singer of the local band, Uncle Plum. He said when he got the call from Daughtry, it almost didn’t happen. “I said ‘Chris I would love to but I can't. I have a wife, kids, a life here, a real-estate career.' Then I went home and told my wife and she said, 'So let me get this straight, you've been working to try to get to that next level and you just got the call and you said no?' and she said, 'Look, we can make things work here, we have family we have a support system.' She's the rock star in this whole deal, not me.”

Tickets go on sale at 12 p.m. for the July 16 concert. Purchase tickets here.