Sheriff's Deputies investigating a rash of early morning break-ins

Posted at: 05/03/2013 5:04 PM
Updated at: 05/03/2013 5:16 PM
By: Lynette Adams

Investigators say there have been a number of incidents locally where criminals have broken into homes during the early morning hours. Deputies are on high alert in West Henrietta after four incidents in the Erie Station Village Complex.

Police say these were all crimes of opportunity. Crimes that can happen anywhere.

In this case, it was a cluster of burglaries at Erie Station Village Complex. It's a townhouse apartment complex in West Henrietta. Four townhouses were burglarized while residents were home. The crimes happened around 6:00a.m.

One of the owners, who didn't want to speak on camera, says the thieves cut the screen on his garage window and got into the garage and stole whatever was easy to carry. He thinks his dog may have scared the burglar before he could get into the house. The sheriff's office says the thief in all four cases came in through an open window.
So how can you protect yourself from a crime like this?

Corporal John Helfer, MCSO, said, “You need to be vigilant. Neighborhood watches are good. We have crime prevention officers who come out and help start neighborhood watch. It's always good when neighbors are talking to one another, they know their habits if they're going out of town. Communications always good and communicating with the police is also good.”

Helfer says sheriff's deputies have not made an arrest and ask if you have any information about these crimes, please call 911. He says there is no information that's too small or insignificant to report.