Rochester Mother: "Who stabbed my 15-year-old son?"

Posted at: 05/03/2013 9:53 PM
Updated at: 05/03/2013 11:30 PM

A Rochester mother and Rochester Police say they need your help to find whomever's responsible for stabbing a 15-year-old boy.

Valentina Williams says her son, Hassan, was coming from an after school program and had gotten off a bus when he was stabbed by someone he didn't know.

Police say the stabbing happened at Broad and Stone Streets in Rochester. Williams says her son was taken to Strong Hospital. He is in guarded condition.

Williams says despite his injuries, her son is staying strong.

Valentina Williams said, "He's 15 years old. He doesn't bother anybody. He gets good grades, he's a good and a bright kid. He's very strong. It took a lot from a 15-year-old to say he forgives this person, but he does not forget."

Rochester Police say they are investigating and they need help from the community. If you think you have information that could help police, you can 911.