"Les Miserables" opens at the Auditorium Theatre

Posted at: 05/07/2013 11:45 AM
Updated at: 05/07/2013 12:16 PM

You might have seen "Les Miserables" on the silver screen and now you have a chance to see the Broadway musical on the Rochester stage. Opening night is Tuesday night.

The Rochester Broadway Theatre League gave News10NBC a chance to get a technical behind the scenes look at the show. It's a big job for the crew to get all the pieces of the set and lighting unloaded into the building and then set it all up on stage.

Trinity Wheeler, the production stage manager, says they have a system that makes it all work. 

Wheeler said, "It's about organization, so we travel with a head carpenter who's in charge of all the physical, all the trucks moving and getting everything into the building, and so it's a system, the trucks arrive, and different scenery comes in or lighting or sound and it all has an order to it, so it goes up in a specific order and it's loaded up in a specific order."

"Les Miserables" opens Tuesday night at the Auditorium Theater and runs through Sunday. For tickets, click here.