What is Lt. Governor Bob Duffy doing for Rochester?

Posted at: 05/07/2013 5:06 PM
Updated at: 05/07/2013 5:40 PM
By: Don Hudson

Rochester's former mayor, now Lieutenant Governor Bob  Duffy, was in Rochester Tuesday for the Rotary Club's Annual Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony and Luncheon.

News10NBC wanted to talk with Lt. Governor Duffy to have him respond to some of the comments made by Mayor Richards in his State of the City address Monday. The mayor made it clear that Rochester needs to undergo a transformation to become a strong cultural and financial center. News10NBC wanted to know how the Lt. Governor can help make that happen.  

Lt. Governor Bob Duffy said, "Every city across the state is struggling with finances, pension costs and shrinking populations."

Lt. Governor Duffy is the first to admit times are tough and when it comes to lending a hand to Rochester or any other city, it is not going to be a hand full of dollars.

Duffy said, “It's not always money. The governor simply doesn't have money and there isn't a lot to go around."

But when Duffy left Rochester to be Governor Cuomo's right hand man, he said he could do more for the city in the state capitol than he could as mayor. He says he has helped and points to the Regional Council as an example.

Duffy said, "Last year, The Finger lakes Regional Council won the top prize in the state and got, I believe, to date $160 million invested in the past two years in Rochester region-Finger Lakes region."

Duffy also says much more needs to be done and while people need to be patient, they also can expect results.

Duffy said, "I acknowledge the things that are most troubling. Were trying to change it. The governor is trying to change it. Hold us accountable."

Duffy says the real keys to helping Rochester are finding ways to attract more businesses and manufacturing jobs as well as improving education and graduation rates. But Duffy didn't say how all of that can happen.