Weather Wednesday: The power of wind

Posted at: 05/08/2013 8:05 PM

It's weather Wednesday again and that means we're taking a closer look at how our weather team keeps you safe and ahead of any storms in our area.

For the next few weeks, every Wednesday Kevin Williams is going to take you inside the News10NBC's weather department during ROC City Tonight to show you exactly how we forecast the weather that affects you.

This Wednesday we're talking about one of the most severe weather conditions we deal with in our area during the spring and summer, wind.

It can do damage and it can be dangerous to you and your family, and that's where the News10NBC weather team comes in. We are constantly tracking the wind to keep you safe.

What kind of effect can the wind have on you? We checked out the strength of the wind in a facility right here in our area recently.

First, let's take a look at some of the severe wind conditions that we have to deal with.

The highest wind gust ever recorded in Rochester was 89 miles per hour! That was on Labor Day 1998.

We've all seen the kind of damage wind like that can cause.

Some of you may have even witnessed one of the tornadoes that ripped through our region over the past few years. In dangerous situations like that you need to tune into News10NBC. Our weather team can track tornadoes, thunderstorms, and every kind of wind extreme to keep you safe and ahead of the storm. Here's how:

We use our exclusive Weather Bug system. Weather Bug is a network of live cameras and real time weather data all around our area. It lets us track live wind speeds in your neighborhood anytime of the day.

Our powerful News10NBC Doppler Radar lets us track any kind of storm as it moves through our area. We use live data from SUNY Brockport and the National Weather Service Doppler installations in Western New York and that data shows us specific towns that may be threatened by a storm or tornado.

Our News10NBC Storm Tracker is the most useful tool we have to keep you informed and safe. Storm Tracker plots the path of the storm and shows you the time it's going to hit your neighborhood.

So now that you know how we keep you safe, have you ever thought about what it would be like to experience those kinds of winds out in the open?

News10NBC meteorologists Kevin Williams and Josh Nichols did just that by paying a visit to Delphi Environmental Testing in Henrietta. In this unique facility, engineers test cars to see how they withstand extreme winds.

But it's also a great way to see how people react to different wind speeds. Kevin and Josh stepped into the chamber and started and experienced all different wind speeds.

Because it's Weather Wednesday it means we are answering your weather questions.

This Wednesday's question comes from a viewer who says, “We've heard you use the term 'reverse lake effect.' What does that mean?

To hear Kevin's answer to the question and to see Kevin and Josh brace the different wind speeds, click play on the video player above.

If you have a weather question, just email us at news10@whec.com