Parents of children rescued from Erie Canal in Rochester

Posted at: 05/08/2013 11:32 PM
Updated at: 05/09/2013 12:47 AM

Last year two children fell into the Erie Canal when their father lost control of their stroller. On Wednesday night News10NBC had another chance to sit down with the Clanton family.

The Clantons, who live in Florida, were here in Rochester last August for a check up on one of their children. Jon Clanton was pushing 8 year-olds Sam and Selah Clanton in a stroller along the Erie Canal when he says he lost control of the stroller.

Both children, who have special needs, went into the water. Jon Clanton, along with medical students from the University of Rochester, jumped into the water to save them.

Yvonne Clanton, Sam and Selah's mother, was back in Rochester this week with Sam for medical attention on his left eye.

News10NBC asked about Selah. Clanton says the almost 9 year-old is holding her own and doctors are amazed that she's gained weight and she's getting taller. However, Clanton says there is no noticeable improvement in Selah's medical condition.

The Clantons care for Selah with the help of around the clock nursing. Yvonne Clanton says sometimes it can be overwhelming, but she's holding on to her faith.

“It's hard to have hope, but there's this little tiny piece that just says, sometimes I literally wake up in the morning praying. I'm praying without even thinking. God have mercy. Please do a miracle for Selah, not so much for our sake. She deserves so much more,” said Clanton.

You can keep track of the Clanton family through Yvonne's blog.