Lilacs at Highland Park should be at peak by Tuesday or Wednesday

Posted at: 05/13/2013 9:00 AM

Should visitors to the Lilac Festival be worried that a hard freeze Monday night might ruin the flowers in Highland Park?

We heard reassuring words from Monroe County Parks Director Larry Staub. "The cold weather doesn't really affect the lilacs unless temperatures are into the teens."

News10NBC meteorologist Rich Caniglia is predicting temperatures around 32 degree overnight.

Staub was monitoring temperatures on Sunday night and he said the chilly temperatures were actually good for the lilacs already in bloom. "It's like putting flowers into a refrigerator. It preserves them," Staub remarked.

He says the worst condition for the lilacs is when there is rain, followed by hot temperatures. “That's what fries the lilacs and turns them brown."

Staub says the lilacs at Highland Park should be at peak by Tuesday or Wednesday. Peak is when the majority of the 1,200 bushes at Highland Park are in full bloom.