Health Department: Student illnesses at Victor Central Schools appear to be norovirus

Posted at: 05/13/2013 2:41 PM

News10NBC has received an update from the Victor Schools and Ontario County Public Health Department on the widespread gastrointestinal illnesses experienced by students earlier this month.

After an investigation, The Ontario County Public Health Department and the New York State Department of Health have ruled that the illnesses appeared to be norovirus. The school cafeteria was inspected and there was no food item identified as the source of the illness.

Norovirus has similar symptoms as food poisoning. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Norovirus is easily spread through community settings and sometimes causes large outbreaks.

School physicians suggest if you notice your child is getting sick, do not send them to school. They suggest you contact your child's doctor and to notify the school nurse.

For questions or concerns, you can call Ontario County Public Health at 585-396-4343.

For more information on norovirus, go to www.cdc.gov.