Boy Scouts hold annual recognition dinner

Posted at: 05/13/2013 8:59 PM
Updated at: 05/13/2013 11:41 PM


Boy Scouts, their leaders, and others had the chance to look back on their accomplishments Monday night.

The Seneca Waterways Council held its annual recognition dinner at the Burgundy Basin Inn. Volunteers received awards for their service to scouting.

One young scout was honored for something he did last summer. Collin Granville says he was at his uncle's cottage, jumping on a trampoline with his sister and a few others when they realized a bees' nest had been disturbed. As those bees started stinging, Granville says he moved people away and even used his shirt to swat the bees away.

Collin Granville said, “My friends were like impressed. They kept on saying how it was the right thing to do instead of run away.”

When News10NBC asked if he had any advice for other scouts that might find themselves in a similar situation, Granville says don't just think about yourself, think of the worst case scenario for all.