Scholar Athlete of the Week 5/14: Ben Drexler

Posted at: 05/14/2013 1:53 PM
Updated at: 09/21/2013 11:45 AM
By: Robin De Wind

Aquinas senior Ben Drexler carries a 94 average and will have completed six AP's by the time he graduates. His twin sister, Becky, is valedictorian.

Ben Drexler, Aquinas Scholar Athlete, said, “Because of that, I've tried hard in school to do my best and I study really hard.”

A love of numbers and science is leading Ben toward a unique career. He hopes to become a forensic accountant.

Drexler said, “I like “Law and Order”, “Criminal Minds” and “CSI”. I always wanted to know who was doing that work. Who's after the money laundering? I thought it was interesting. It's like tracing the money, catching guys like Bernie Madoff.”

His other interest is running. Ben is a three-sport varsity athlete. He participates in cross country, indoor and outdoor track.

Drexler said, “It's a team, but it's also individual results. I like testing my limits.”

Ben is also captain for all three sports, a title he takes seriously.

Drexler said, “I'm like a coach, an assistant coach. I love stats and looking up race times and end times and I really have a good idea on what events kids should run in and motivate them to try hard.”

Ben will head to Mansfield College at the end of the summer to prepare for the cross country season. He's ready for the next challenge.

Drexler said, “I'm excited to go to the next level. I can step up to the competition.”

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