Weather Wednesday: Weather tools

Posted at: 05/15/2013 9:16 PM
By: Kevin Williams

It's weather Wednesday again and that means we're taking a closer look at how our weather team keeps you safe and ahead of any storms in our area.

For the next few weeks, every Wednesday Kevin Williams is going to take you inside the News10NBC's weather department during ROC City Tonight to show you exactly how we forecast the weather that affects you.

This Wednesday night we're taking a look at the powerful tools and technology used to put together the News10NBC forecasts.

It might surprise you how much goes into predicting the weather!

Let's start with our powerful News10NBC storm tracker. It's by far the best tool we have to keep you informed, ahead of the storm and safe. Out storm tracker technology lets us plot the path of a storm and the time it's going to hit your neighborhood. That's great information to keep your family safe.

Spring can mean snow in the Bristol Hills, while a chilly rain falls in Rochester. Our powerful News10NBC10 Doppler radar is the premier tool we use to show you that. It tracks snow, rain, and all kinds of spring and summer storms. This tool uses live data from SUNY Brockport and National Weather Service Doppler in Binghamton, Buffalo, and Fort Drum. A specialized feature of our Doppler is the ability to zoom in to street level, so when showers develop, you can get a precise feel for where that rain is and where it may go.

Now let's talk about our lightning tracker. It actually counts the number of lightning strikes during a storm. Spring means more thunderstorms and the potential for dangerous lightning. You would be amazed at just how many lightning strikes there can be in a single thunderstorm. We can track those strikes at any given moment and then show you where they are so you can stay safe.

Our specialized computer systems here in the News10NBC weather center include our Futurecast. Our Futurecast allows us to project future temperatures, which in spring can vary dramatically over just a few miles. We can show you minute by minute and hour by hour how warm or cold it's going to be, so you know whether you'll need that spring jacket or not when you head out the door.

Springtime in our area means rapidly changing weather. Our exclusive News10NBC Weather Bug Network uses live cameras and real-time weather data, including temperatures, to show you what's happening where you live. We are the only station in town with Weather Bug cameras to show you what it's like from Sodus Point to Canandaigua, and with our network of cameras stretching across the country, we can literally show you what the weather might look like in your backyard tomorrow by looking at live pictures of a storm in other cities before it arrives here in Rochester.

All of these tools in the News10NBC 10 Weather Center mean you can keep up with ever-changing Western New York weather in the spring and summer. Some of these tools are now more powerful than ever before. More data and more powerful tools mean a more accurate forecast for you and a better idea of how you can plan your day.

Because it's Weather Wednesday it means we are answering your weather questions.

This Wednesday's question comes from a viewer who says, “Is it true that insects can help predict the weather?”

To hear Kevin's answer to the question click play on the video player above.

If you have a weather question, just email us at news10@whec.com