New bill to make tougher consequences for people who murder public prosecutors

Posted at: 05/16/2013 8:36 PM

New legislation would mean tougher consequences for people who kill public prosecutors.

The new bill was announced Thursday by State Senator Ted O'Brien and Assemblyman Joe Morelle.

Right now, killing a district attorney or assistant district attorney does not automatically carry a first-degree murder charge. The new bill would change that.

Retaliation against prosecutors is all too common and it's a danger that Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley is all to familiar with.

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County DA, said, "Over my almost 22 years in the DA's office, I've been threatened numerous times, some of them include letters from inmates, there have been other occasions where I've had members of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office come out to my house and set up surveillance, and I know I'm not the only DA who they've afforded that opportunity to. I believe specifically with our county, a lot of the threats against us get under reported."

O'Brien and Morelle say the new legislation is especially needed after the recent murders of two DA's in Texas.