It's 6x6x2013 time

Posted at: 05/22/2013 2:48 PM
Updated at: 05/22/2013 6:02 PM
By: Janet Lomax

Imagine 6,000 pieces of art work. What kind of manpower and what kind of time does it take to put all that work up for display?

Here's the answer: it took ten people a total of seven days. News10NBC watched some of it go up when we stopped by the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. The 6x6x2013 show opens soon.

It is amazing what some people can do with something so small, something just 6x6 inches. There are 6,021 pieces of artwork, all the same size on these walls from all sorts of people including local school children and big name established artists like John Kastner, Nancy Jurs, Wendell Castle and Carolee Schneeman.

The 6x6 exhibit at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center is now in its sixth year, but Executive Director Bleu Cease says it never gets boring.

"You'd think it would become repetitive for us, but each year, when the artwork starts coming in from the far reaches of the globe, it's really incredible and inspiring."

Yes, artwork comes in from around the globe, 51 countries this year.  There are  2,600 artists this year and  900 of them are new .  Take a look around and you'll see a lot of  3-D pieces. Someone created a foldout book. Other artists used blocks of glass.You'll find artwork made out  of clay and wood, abstracts and simple water colors too.

There are all sorts of messages and social comments. The 6x6x2013 is a fundraiser for the art gallery. Each piece is $20. You don't know who made it until you buy it. A red dot shows it is sold. Bleu Cease says each year, each show takes on its own style, its own culture.

Cease said, "It's fascinating to see what sells and what doesn't sell. Toward mid-exhibition you'll see these red dots everywhere and you wonder who the heck bought that and why didn't that over there sell?"

You can go online starting Friday to preview all 6,000 pieces. The artwork sale in the gallery kicks off June 1.