Mother and daughter duo on the force

Posted at: 05/23/2013 5:16 PM
Updated at: 05/23/2013 5:56 PM
By: Janet Lomax

It's a first for the Rochester Police Department. There is now a mother daughter duo on the force. Investigative coordinator Mary Ellen Monahan Kenny, a 33-year veteran and her daughter, officer Keelin Kenny just starting her first year on patrol.

There's a large photo above investigator Mary Ellen Monahan Kenny's desk. It shows a proud mother with her first born daughter who is following in her mom's footsteps. They are making history with the Rochester Police Department as the first mother-daughter police officers working at the same time. But as proud as she is about her years on the job, she admits this wasn't her first choice for her daughter.

Investigator Mary Ellen Monahan Kenny said, “The job has gotten more and more dangerous over the years, that is obviously one of the first concerns, but I think as far as having a family and children it is very hard to do when you're on the job.”

She doesn't have any doubts officer Kenny can do the job and neither does officer Kenny. She's comfortable behind the wheel of her patrol car. It comes natural to her. Her dad is a retired Greece police officer. Does investigator Monahan Kenny give any motherly advice to her daughter?

Officer Kenny said, “She does, but it is also coming from experience which is even better because she knows what it is like. Today, I called her and I went to a certain place and she's like, 'You know to be careful there, right?' And I already known that so I'm like, 'I know mom.' We get a lot of that.”

For now, mom is working on the west side and daughter is on the east side. Would they ever consider working together as partners?

Investigator Kenny said, “No, I don't think so. I think it would be a fight to the finish who would be boss in the car.”

The Kenny family could make history again. There is another daughter in college right now majoring in criminal justice.