Captain Phil Caruso receives the Bronze Star

Posted at: 05/24/2013 10:50 AM

A former Rochester-area man has been awarded one of the most prestigious military awards.

Captain Philip Caruso, a special agent with the United States Air Force, was decorated with the Bronze Star for his heroics in Afghanistan.

Caruso was recognized for rooting out insurgents and enhancing the safety of 30,000 fellow airmen. At his award ceremony recently, General Kevin Jacobsen said that under Caruso's leadership, the operation was able to capture 53 insurgents as well as seize 230 pounds of explosives."

Caruso, is a 2004 graduate of Gates-Chili High School and 2008 graduate of Cornell. His parents, Sam and Kim Caruso, were at the ceremony to see the medal pinned on him.

"Every father hopes to have a son like this, bright, driven and a real patriot," said Sam Caruso. "He’s a special kid. I now know the true meaning of pride."

Captain Caruso is now back from Afghanistan and working in Washington for an elite branch of the FBI.