How safe are bridges in our area?

Posted at: 05/24/2013 9:54 PM
Updated at: 05/24/2013 11:29 PM

In light of the Washington state bridge collapse, News10NBC wanted to know a little more about bridges in our area.

We spoke with the Director of Transportation at a local engineering firm. She says all bridges more than twenty feet long have to go through federally required inspections every other year.

Engineers look at every part of the bridge and determine if there's a structural safety threat. She told News10NBC what happens if they find something wrong.

"If there was an imminent safety threat as a result of the inspection, the bridge would be assessed a flag," says Roseann Schmid, of Fisher Associates. "Which would have to be addressed in sixty days, so whatever condition was identified that was of imminent danger, that would have to be addressed and fixed within sixty days."

Schmid says if there's something on the bridge that isn't an imminent threat, but could become one, it is monitored.