Family of Sandy Hook victim plant 'peace tree' in Pittsford

Posted at: 05/24/2013 10:57 PM
Updated at: 05/24/2013 11:28 PM

There was a special tree planting on Friday at Allen Creek Elementary School in Pittsford.

A peace tree now sits at the school in honor of Catherine Hubbard. She was one of the victims of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her cousin, Jack Sullivan, is a student at Allen Creek and he helped developed a peace team who came up with the idea to plant the tree.

Jenny Hubbard, Catherine's mom, recalled the phone call from her nephew when he asked if he could plant a tree and maybe raise money to put a plaque with Catherine's name on it.

"I see so much more, than a plaque and a tree." said Jenny. "I see peace, I see love, and I see kindness."

"Catherine loves peace and kindness," says Jack Sullivan. "And peace and kindness is the main thing about the peace team."

The peace team's goal is to spread a message of kindness.