Home Grown Roc Cops: Officer Aaron Brown

Posted at: 06/04/2013 1:22 PM
Updated at: 06/04/2013 5:44 PM
By: Nikki Rudd

Police officers have a tough job in this city. And in the coming days, News10NBC wants to highlight some of them who have roots in Rochester. News10NBC is calling it “Home Grown Roc Cops”.

On Tuesday, Nikki Rudd caught up with Rochester Police Officer Aaron Brown.

If you drive in downtown Rochester, you can't miss him. He's always movin' and always has a smile on his face.

Kathleen Whelehan, who works downtown, said, “He is the best! Who else could make you look forward to crossing the street? He's always got a wave and a smile and he's got your back”

Officer Aaron Brown said, “I've been called a dancing police man, officer high tower.”

Officer Aaron Brown stands at a tall, six foot six. He has dedicated his life to protecting the people of Rochester. He's a homegrown roc cop.

Officer Brown said, “This is the only place that I would do police work. Right here, where I was born and raised at.”

Officer Brown grew up on Columbia Avenue between Genesee Street and Jefferson Avenue.

Officer Brown said, “It's one of the areas that can be more troubled now, but I grew up and I'm over there all the time. I identify with the people in the barber shop, all of them know me, I'm always over there whether I'm on duty or off duty.”

He was a scholar athlete at East High School in the 1980's and had all the moves on the basketball court. Now, he's taken his moves to the four corners downtown. He even showed Nikki Rudd how it's done.

It's that extra oomph that makes Officer Brown stand out.

Christian Correa, who works downtown said, “He's always waving at people. Busses drive by, he waves to all the busses. When somebody's going to make that wrong turn, he blows that whistle like there's no tomorrow.”

Whelehan said, “He's the best. That's a high bar to ever come close to. He has set the bar. He's just wonderful.”

Officer Brown served with the U.S. Marine Corps. He also played basketball at Edinboro University of Pennyslvania, where he's in the hall of fame. He's still known to play some ball around town and says even after 19 years with the Rochester Police Department, he still loves his job.