Cuomo talks women's rights plan in Seneca Falls

Posted at: 06/05/2013 10:27 AM
Updated at: 06/06/2013 12:59 PM
By: Associated Press

Governor Cuomo says it's simple, but he was met by protestors who say the governor's take on abortion is more complicated than it appears.

There has been a growing opposition to the governor's proposal on expanding abortion rights a few weeks ago. News10NBC learned most people think 90% of the governor's women's rights bill is good and they want it passed. The problem is that last 10% say it is about abortion.

The protestors were lined up on that side of the street. The governor was protected inside the historic Wesleyan Church in Seneca Falls, home of the suffrage movement.

Cuomo had a friendly crowd as he talked about the bill that would mandate things like equal pay, more protection against discrimination and human trafficking. But it was not friendly on the outside. Several dozen people protested the governor, exclusively over the provision in the bill that would protect abortion rights. They support the rest of the bill, the other nine provisions.

Governor Cuomo says the abortion provision is the same as the federal law since Roe vs. Wade.

Just makes it law in New York. The goal is to have this bill passed in 9 to 10 days before the state legislature goes on break.

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