Home Grown Roc Cops: The Leckinger Brothers

Posted at: 06/06/2013 5:35 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Rochester Police officers have dedicated their lives to keep us safe and many were born and raised.

News10NBC is introducing you to the Leckinger brothers in our “Home Grown Roc Cops” segment. The brothers were born four years apart, but together, they make a tough team.

Police and firefighters already have a silent brotherhood. But imagine having your real brother out there with you, face-to-face in dangerous situations. It's a bond these brothers say is truly unbreakable.

Kevin Leckinger said, “I trust anybody out here but I think it's only natural that I trust him with watching my back more than I trust anyone else.”

The two officers are much more than partners in crime. Jason and Kevin Leckinger are brothers, bonded not only by blood, but also by the trust and a love for their hometown.

Kevin Leckinger said, “I prefer to work in an area where I'm familiar with and I have some what of a sense of pride in. Having been born and raised.”

Protecting the streets is part of the job, but when it's where you were born and raised, they say it means so much more.

Kevin Leckinger said, “My job doesn't change based on different areas of the city but just having a certain amount of personal pride in again in the specific neighborhood I grew up in.”

They grew up off of North Winton Road. Big brother Jason began his career eight years ago and Kevin soon followed. They say there's nothing like fighting crime together on their home turf.

Jason Leckinger said, “I like that we grew up here and that we know some of the history of it. I like being able to relate to people. You can talk about certain neighborhoods. Like oh, I went to Fredrick Douglas and I spent my summers in the 19th Ward.”

Both officers had opportunities to live elsewhere to fight crime for other cities, but they decided to stay here. It's very clear, they aren't going anywhere.

Jason Leckinger said, I've come back to Rochester a few times after traveling and doing other stuff so I lucked out. I got hired here first. I'm glad I did.”

A spokesperson for the Rochester Police Department says these men are two of the most respected street cops in the Rochester Police Department. They followed in the footsteps of their dad, who is now retired and lives in Thailand.