Home Grown Roc Cops: Sgt. Michael Horn

Posted at: 06/07/2013 10:24 PM
Updated at: 06/07/2013 11:43 PM

A lot of people get to live where they grew up. But imagine being in charge of protecting the place you grew up in.

That's Michael Horn's life or Sgt. Michael Horn's life.

Sgt. Michael Horn has been a cop for ten years. Most of the time, he has worked right where he spent his childhood.

 Sgt. Horn said, "I was fortunate enough to work 8 of those 10 years in the Charlotte area, the same area I grew up in."

Horn says it is an honor to protect this area and watch over the families and businesses in Charlotte.

 Sgt. Horn said, "I have a great relationship with the community. The neat thing about Charlotte is a lot of families that were here when I grew up are still here in the area."

The people are glad to have a hometown boy watching over them.

Evan Efil, Abbott's, said, "I think it is good that they grow up here and become police. It makes them want to make it safe for everyone down here."

Emily Selover, Windjammers Bar and Grill, said, "I think its important to know who is down here and know them on a personal level and professional level cause you know you can count on them."

Horn likes that expectation and the responsibility that comes with it.
Sgt. Horn said, "I have a vested interest in making this place a better place to live, work and grow a family in."