Teachers rally against standardized testing in Albany

Posted at: 06/08/2013 7:39 PM

When it comes to education, you might have heard the term, "Common Core."

It has been a hot button issue across the area and on Saturday morning teachers, parents and students from Rochester were in Albany to voice their concern over testing.

Hundreds of people from across New York State were rallying to protest the stricter testing.

Organizers of the rally say that standardized tests don't help most students and are sometimes a burden for teachers.

News10NBC spoke with John Pavone of the Rochester Teachers Association about the concerns.

"The problem with all the testing is, as a result of all the time a teacher has to take through the measurement of pre test, post test, preparation, administering the test, it leaves very little time during the day to teach, and if you have very little teaching, you will have very little learning,” said Pavone.

The biggest concern for many teachers at the rally is the state's overemphasis on testing. They say in many cases students aren't ready for the tests because they haven't been taught the concepts by the time the tests are given.