Home Grown Roc Cops: Correia brothers

Posted at: 06/10/2013 5:06 PM
Updated at: 06/10/2013 11:36 PM
By: Don Hudson

Imagine getting the chance to work where you grew up and to work with your brother. That is the life of Adam and Mario Correia, who are also known as Sergeant Adam Correia and Investigator Mario Correia.

Investigator Mario Correia said, “There are times we come in contact with people we grew up with and they are surprised we are both law enforcement officers."

But that is exactly what Adam and Mario Correia are. They grew up on Depew Street and now they work in the same city, something they love and they say helps with their police work.

 Sgt. Adam Correia said, “It gives you that personal aspect, we have to give back because this community created us like this, with a hard work ethic and now it is our turn to return that favor."

One of the places of their childhood is Cutaia's Meats at the corner of Chili Avenue and Thurston Road.
Joe Cutaia says the Correia's father was one of his father's first customers here.  And while he is surprised both became cops, he thinks serving and protecting your hometown has to help.

Joe Cutaia, owner of Cutaia's Meats, said, “Never thought they'd be police officers, but here we are. I would think they would be interested in their community and being from that community and keep it safe.”

And that is exactly how Investigator Mario Correia and Sgt. Adam Correia feel about being cops in Rochester.

Mario said, "Early on in my career, I had the opportunities to work in other areas, but my heart was with the Rochester Police Department. The community I grew up in, my family was raised up in and have so many found memories. So, I want to keep that going."

They also say being from Rochester helps when it comes to working cases. But News10NBC wanted to know what made both of them want to work in law enforcement. They say a cousin steered them in that direction, but they add, a run in with an officer as kids playing in the street also set them on the police path.

Mario said, "It was very positive contact we had with that officer. Level of respect we had for him and the respect he had for us. I think it left a lasting impression."

Both men also say that being a police officer is "noble and a way to pay back the community" and a way to pay back or "return the favors" they received as kids in the area.