Update: Monroe County Fair moving to Ogden

Posted at: 06/11/2013 11:49 PM
Updated at: 06/12/2013 3:29 AM
By: Lynette Adams

After six hours of discussion, the decision was made to re-locate the Monroe County Fair to Ogden. The debate over moving the fair continued late Tuesday night.

Monroe County legislators heard from people who are either very much in for the move or very much against it. A meeting was held around 6 p.m. Tuesday night.

Supporters say this year's fair will be much smaller and mostly agricultural compared to fairs in past years.

The new plan calls for moving the fair from Henrietta to Northampton Park in the Town of Ogden.

People who live around the park are concerned about traffic, some of the events coming and potential environmental damage.

News10NBC was at the meeting in the Monroe County Office Building late into Tuesday night waiting to see if there would be a vote.

It was a heated meeting.

Dozens of people showed up and nearly 60 people from both sides of the issue addressed lawmakers Tuesday night.

People expressed strong opinions about the use of Northampton Park for the agriculture festival planned for August.

Lawmakers have a lot of questions and that's why the meeting kept going on.

News10NBC heard from people both for and against the fair's move.

The Monroe County Parks Director, Larry Staub, also spoke to lawmakers Tuesday night. He said this new event will be a festival. It will not be like Monroe County's former fair.

Staub says the festival will use only 25 of the 900 acres. He says the rides will be suitable only for small children and will not be carnival rides.

Staub also said cars would be parked on the grass at the park. He said it's what the county does at the Lilac Festival. He also said this park is more than suitable for this fair.

The Parks Director also assured the legislature that no county money would be used to pay for improvements. Some people who live near the fair's new location at Northampton Park, and are against the decision, say they will file a lawsuit on Tuesday to block the move.

News10NBC will continue to track this story and will bring you the latest information.