Irondequoit Police: Two students approached by stranger while waiting for bus

Posted at: 06/12/2013 1:04 PM
Updated at: 06/12/2013 5:16 PM

A warning for parents. Irondequoit Police are searching for a man they say approached two young girls Wednesday morning.

Police say a man in a white pick-up truck approached the girls, who were sisters in the area of Ellinwood Drive Wednesday morning. Police say the man pulled next to the girls and told them to get in his cars. Luckily, the girls were able to get away and call police.

The police don't have a specific address but they believe it happened here on the north end of Ellinwood near Titus Avenue.

The story the two girls told police was that a white pick up truck pulled up next to them early Wednesday morning and the driver said get in. Police say the girls yelled and ran to the nearest school bus stop. Police say the pick-up driver drove away. Police didn't get called until the girls got to school and reported it to someone there. That was an hour later and the pick up was long gone.
Police say the girls did the right thing.

 Sgt. Mark Bean, Irondequoit Police Department, "What we expect them to do is to somewhere get to where help is, find someone older or a group of kids to where they are protected or strength in numbers."

Marissa Ellis said, “It's very scary. It's a quiet neighborhood. There's a ton of kids, there's a lot of school buses. We're right around the corner from Ivan Green, so it's very concerning."

 News10NBC asked police if they ever tell people to try to take their phones and take a picture of the person or car that threatens them. Police say they've thought about that but they're worried it would only provoke the person more. Police say it is better to do what the girls did, run and get help.

Police say the only details they have about the truck is that it was a white pick-up. If you saw anything suspicious in the area Wednesday morning, you're asked to call 911.