2013 Monroe County legislative youth awards

Posted at: 06/13/2013 10:20 PM
Updated at: 06/13/2013 11:33 PM

They've done eagle scout projects, volunteered, and set up fundraisers for classmates. Those are just some of the accomplishments of young people honored by the Monroe County Legislature Thursday.

They were honored at the 2013 legislative youth awards.

We spoke with a Gates Chili senior, Imarie Waller, who spends most of her time volunteering. We asked her what she'd tell other students who are looking to make a difference.

“Put yourself out there. Meet with school advisors or counselors and principals. I'm sure they know a lot of extra curricular activities you can do to give back to the community,” said Waller.

Tonight's ceremony was held at the auditorium inside Monroe Community Hospital.