Boaters and homeowners react to boat ordinance overturn in Irondequoit

Posted at: 06/15/2013 10:41 PM
Updated at: 06/15/2013 11:34 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Boaters and homeowners along Irondequoit Bay may face another summer full of conflict.

Boaters are once again allowed to drop anchor within 300 feet of the shore. The ordinance went into effect last year, but not without a lot of debate.

So how are homeowners and boaters reacting to the judge's decision?

News10NBC spoke to homeowners along the shore. They didn't want to talk on camera because they say they've received threats over this issue.

They also said they worked long and hard for this ordinance and now they are very disappointed it had to be thrown out.

The judge had to dismiss the ordinance that pushed boaters back from the shore in the area right behind Marge's Lakeside Inn. It was all due to a failure by the Irondequoit Town Board to follow state environmental laws when they first enacted the rule.

Homeowners say their property should remain private and that boaters have been disrespectful throughout the years.

News10NBC asked one boater if he understood why residents were upset.

“I have dear friends that own property up here on the hill, but there's always that. That's like saying have a big city without crime. There are a lot of people out there having a good time. We shouldn't be stopped from having a good time because of the minority. We have to stop the minority that's doing this trouble. They throw things in the water and so on. That we can still be able to enjoy it, it's a wonderful part of the country,” said boater John Selevicius.

“But if you lived on the lake, would you want people walking in your backyard?” asked News10NBC's Joangel Concepcion.

“No, not in my backyard. They have a decent amount of people that are breaking the rules,” said Selevicius.

News10NBC is waiting to hear when and if the boating ordinance will go in front of the board again.

The homeowners News10NBC spoke to Saturday say they will not give up the fight to protect their property.