Jim Kelly will not have to go through chemo, radiation

Posted at: 06/24/2013 11:25 AM
Updated at: 06/24/2013 10:42 PM

Relief for the family and fans of former Buffalo Bills quarterback, Jim Kelly. Kelly is now cancer free. He underwent surgery earlier this month after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the upper jaw.

The Hall of Fame quarterback addressed the media before the start of his annual football camp in Orchard Park. Kelly says on Wednesday, doctors told him he is cancer free and will not need follow up radiation and chemotherapy.

Jim Kelly spent the morning, kicking off his 26th annual football camp for kids. Afterwards, he addressed the media, sharing his good news. He says he's relieved he doesn't not need chemo and radiation, which would have been a set back. Kelly had the left side of his jaw removed in early June, along with all of the teeth on the left side. Skin graft from his leg was used to help repair his mouth. He says the soreness has been the most difficult part of his recovery.

Kelly expressed his relief and thanked western New York for their support.

Kelly said, “There's not enough words to describe the feeling in my heart, and in my family's heart how much it means to me that people took the time out out email me, write me hundreds and hundreds of letters and the prayers that have been answered because of the things I don't have to do now. But the good thing is, it's just going to take a little time but hopefully, next year at this time I will be completely cancer free and everything will go well."

Kelly is cancer free, but knows there is a possibility that the cancer can return. He will be monitored by doctors every two months through check-ups.