Rochester mayoral candidate Lovely Warren shares concerns over College Town Project jobs

Posted at: 06/26/2013 4:26 PM
Updated at: 06/26/2013 5:48 PM

Where are the local workers? That's the question Rochester City Council president and mayoral candidate Lovely Warren is asking in regards to the city's College Town Project.

Warren held a news conference Thursday to hold the city accountable when it comes to her concerns. She says when the College Town Project was presented to City Council, it was promised to include 900 jobs, jobs that were supposed to be for local workers.
But Warren says those are promises that have not been delivered on. She says with things the way they are, there's no benefit from this project to the community.

Lovely Warren, Rochester mayoral candidate said, “The taxpayers of Rochester and of this region are actually paying for half of this project and people are concerned that we do not have local workers on this project. Not only do we not have local labor, local labor has been asking to even check to see, to get on the site to see what they can do, can they help, can they be a part of this project, and basically the administration is trying to backtrack."

News10NBC reached out to the city for a response and they gave us this statement. “To date, 24% of the workers are union and 57% are minority. The city's commitment to minority and city resident employment in public projects has never been better, and in fact, never actually formally existed until Mayor Richards insisted on it."