Floating concession stand opens on Irondequoit Bay

Posted at: 06/30/2013 6:52 PM

Sunday was a beautiful day to be out on the Irondequoit Bay and thanks to a new business, you can buy a freshly prepared snack without heading back to shore.

The Bayside Boat and Tackle Hot's Boat opened on the bay Saturday and was out again on Sunday.

It's set up like a double-sided drive through, so boats can pull up to either side.

The stand was created by two men who work at Bayside Bait and Tackle. The floating restaurant serves everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to garbage plates.

"It's going really well. The deal is deep fried cooked grilled goods to keep all these happy boaters on the water as long as we can,” said Ryan Chapell, Bayside Boat and Tackle Hot's Boat.

Chapell says the hardest part about operating the stand is keeping it in position.

Before the stand could open it had to get approval from the U.S. Coast Guard, a fire marshal and the town board.