Local reaction to new "I Love NY LGBT" website

Posted at: 06/30/2013 11:15 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

A new tourism website targeted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender travelers is now up and running.

It's called "I Love NY LGBT."

It's all part of Governor Cuomo's $60-million tourism campaign geared to create jobs, grow businesses and attract visitors to New York State.

The website was launched just days after the Supreme Court's historic decision allowing same sex married couples the same federal rights as heterosexual couples.

Now some are questioning the timing of this website.

The LGBT tourism segment brings in $70-billion in spending throughout the country each year.

Governor Cuomo launched this new initiative to try to bring some of that spending to New York.

The "I Love NY LGBT" website has a brand new symbol developed specifically for the initiative. The link suggests must-see destinations throughout the state, including the Finger Lakes.  It also offers a list of LGBT events and resources.

The website launch came right on the heels of the Supreme Court's ruling.

News10NBC took to our Facebook page to find out what some of you thought about the timing.
"Awesome, but is it needed? Don't gay people have the same travel plans as straights?" said Kelly Schneider.

"It's a good idea because it promotes tolerance and equality. But I just have a feeling it's nothing more than a political move at the end of the day,” said Jodi Moughan.

"Well, if it brings money to the State of New York, I'm all for it!" said Arielle Packman.

News10NBC asked City Council Member At-Large Matt Haag what he thought about the new website and what he thought about the timing.

“I  think it's a really positive step. I think it highlights New York's role as a civil rights leader, especially in the LGBT history and I think it's a really positive thing that we're concentrating on this as many segments to focus on the tourist industry encouraging people to come to New York. You know, I think people will question the timing on almost anything, but I think it was appropriate. It was the start of New York City's gay pride this weekend, so I think the timing had more to do to coincide with that other than the Supreme Court ruling,” said Haag.

Like many marriage equality celebrations throughout the country, there will be one here in Rochester on Wednesday at the Episcopal Church of St. Luke and St. Simon Cyrene. The church is located at 17 S. Fitzhugh Street.

Reverend Michael Hopkins told News10NBC on Sunday the service will be held to give thanks and to let people know not all Christians are against homosexuality or gay marriage.

The celebration will start at 6 p.m. Wednesday.