News10NBC Today Summer Adventures: Glamping

Posted at: 07/03/2013 6:32 AM
By: Nikki Rudd

Have you heard of glamping? That’s glamorous camping if you didn’t know.

Glamping has become so popular, Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort added another 10 glamping sites this year.

They include waterproof tents, already put up on a platform, complete with electricity and deck chairs. Each site comes with two twin beds or one queen.

Austin Galovski of Darien Lake Theme Park & Restort said, “It’s a perfect opportunity to get out in nature with the family, get some good quality family time in, but you avoid all the complaining the hassle, the rain, the soaking, the bugs. It's all not an issue with glamping.”

If this can't keep your family content, Darien Lake also has the Lodge on the Lake. New this year – premium guest houses. They come with four bedrooms, a washer and dryer and wifi. Prices range from $130 a night for the glamp sites to $470 for a guest houses.