Celebrations in Egypt after military overthrows government

Posted at: 07/03/2013 11:45 PM

Millions of people are celebrating in Egypt after learning the country's military overthrew the government and ousted President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday.

Officials announced that Morsi has been replaced and is currently under house arrest at an undisclosed location.

An army chief says, for now, a group of lawmakers will be appointed to run the country during a transition period. Military officials say they are not interested in long term rule.

U.S. lawmakers say they are working to ensure the safety of Americans who are in Egypt.

News 10NBC spoke with Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, Professor of Religious Studies at Nazareth, to learn more about what this means for the people of Egypt.

"I believe that democracy brings stability to a nation, and prosperity," Shafiq says. "People are much happier under democracy than authoritarian rule."
Officials in Egypt say the Egyptian military has also suspended the Islamist-drafted constitution, and has called for new elections as well.