RCSD housing grants for employees

Posted at: 07/05/2013 5:06 PM
Updated at: 07/05/2013 6:23 PM

It's about more than just the money that's what some Rochester City School District employees are saying about the district's new initiative. They say it will help the overall development of students.

The district is offering employees $3,000 to buy a home within the city. First time home buyers could receive an additional $3,000 from the city.

The grant money will go to ten employees and since the email went out two days ago, seven people have already signed up. The money will come in handy for these employees, but for many this incentive is really all about the kids.

Adam Urbanski, Rochester Teachers' Association President, said, “Since nobody is being forced to take advantage of it, this is an option for teachers and I think it's a good option.”

The Rochester Teachers' Association President Adam Urbanski says living within a students community can move mountains..

Urbanski said, “You get to know the students well, you get to know the students a lot better. You are more accessible.”

A new program will do just that.  Helping ten school district employees buy a home in Rochester. It's an incentive officials hope will help students relate and bring more people into the city.

Urbanski said, “It makes the conditions in the community even worse when your educated people leave the community.”

Home school assistant Kenneth Davis says he knows his job doesn't end when the school bell rings.

Kenneth Davis, home school assistant, said, “Living in the community, being a part of that community directly. It has an effect on the community as a whole.”

He's been wanting to purchase a home in the city for quite some time. He wants to stay close, be there whenever his students need him and this program will help him do just that.

Davis said, “This program right here really helps people out. People like me. I work very hard. I love my job and I love Rochester. I don't want to go anywhere else. I like it here.”